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Animal Reiki

Animals , like people benifet from reiki whether you have cats , dogs, birds , fish , horse, or any other small or large animals and birds . Reiki works well with animls for the same reasons it works for children and people of all ages . Reiki cures all kind of minor and major diseases of animals like skin infections , anxiety , trauma, fear , agression, and etc Have you ever noticed that when your pet , he or she rolls over to recieve more or looks at you with lovely - dovey eyes or sighs . Animals respond to your loving touch and intention . Reiki is another way to help your animals feel better as these beautiful animals cannot speak but feel everything as same as human does. Pets are your family member too so why not give him or her a wonderful life by understanding their problems and cure them just like your child . REIKI HEALING CAN BE DONE IN PERSON AS WELL AS DISTANCE HEALING .