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About Varuna


She's A young powerful, positive, dynamic Psychic ! A master practitioner and a dynamic speaker.

She’s also achieved and won the title of MISS MUMBAI 2009 contest.

Varuna since her childhood always had a keen interest in spirituality, she had strong intuitions powers to see the future also she has strong bonded connection with god so she started guiding people since then. Varuna has a thriving private practice helping people, using her skills in Tarot , numerology , gemstones , and dream interpretation, candle therapy, angel card reading, angel therapy & Specialized in Reiki healing human and animals.

Her intuition is vibrant, strong and she has the ability to guide and teach people an all aspects of their lives . Varuna is a dynamic speaker who loves sharing her knowledge, guiding and advising the people with her powers to lead their life to a better future. Her predictions are 100 % accurate and helped many people in many ways. She’s also guided many well known people, businessman, celebs, and etc. Her main aim is to help and guide the people through spiritualism around the world and bring smile, peace and happiness in their lives.